Apple Safari builds speech recognition interface

Apple has added support for speech recognition technology with the testing release of MacOS 11.3 Big Sur for developers into a version of its Safari internet browser. The speech recognition technology interface lets web apps and sites listen to spoken words and use the subsequent content.

On Tuesday, Apple delivered the developer beta version of MacOS 11.3. however, speech recognition interface is on experiment time yet, but browsers including Microsoft’s Edge and Google’s Chrome support it. It’s the sort of technology helpful for tasks such as commanding messages into an online word processor or a message application.

In the modern neural network technology, Speech recognition is one of the victories, which measures data in a path motivated by the human brain. On the real-world data, Neural networks are trained where countless hours of spoken words are included, until an artificial intelligence model gets able to turn spoken words into text. Associated AI technology is able to convert text into speech.

Together, it’s significantly changed how we use our mobile phone, made technology more available to users with vision issues, opened up a totally new market for smart speakers, and overcome a few language barriers.  

In the upcoming version of Safari, there is another change like an ability to control new tab page by extensions programmers, and it’s the screen after you open a blank new tab. That should make Safari one step closer to Google’s Chrome, which currently dominates the web usage. With big sure, Safari is holding Chrome’s style of extensions programming, a move to build life simpler for extension developers as well as for Safari users who actually required those extensions.

Also, with the new Safari version, you’ll be able to customize the new tab page just by rearranging whatever is shown on the browser including Siri suggestions, frequently visited websites, Apple’s privacy report and browser tabs from Safari running on other devices.

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