Microsoft celebrates the holidays with new Windows 11 wallpaper

Microsoft, in a procession, is releasing the backgrounds for its last month released Windows 11 operating system. It has recently rolled out holidays-themed wallpaper for Windows 11 in order to commemorate the coming festivals. Microsoft has brought forth holidays-themed wallpaper for Windows 11 operating system to celebrate the upcoming festivities, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa,continue reading

Twitter launches Super Follows on iOS

Twitter has begun to set out its Super Follows feature that allows users to charge for subscriber-only content. With this feature enabled, the content creators can set their tweets for the Super Followers who have subscribed to their content, and the tweet will be reflected in the timelines of the subscribers only.   The feature wascontinue reading

Pokémon’s approachable intimidating genre

When we talk about Roleplaying games, it represents some of the most cherished titles ever created. Series like The Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy are filled with large, immersive universes. However, that complexity and scale can additionally make the genre appear to be overwhelming. What makes Pokémon stand apart is its capacity to pull a large audience.continue reading