Microsoft Edge’s new efficiency mode to save battery life

Important Highlights-

  • Microsoft has announced to release an efficiency mode in the Microsoft Edge browser to reduce battery consumption.
  • With efficiency mode, you can get the reduced usage of CPU and RAM that will ensure an extended battery life of your PC.
  • Additionally, the company also announced to launch features for the Edge browser that will help save time and money.

Microsoft has recently made an announcement to launch various new features for its Edge browser last week. The features and tools mostly pertain to bringing solutions to save time and money, as in the new price notification feature. In addition to this, Microsoft even brought forth an efficiency mode for the Edge browser that reduces battery consumption.

Every time your PC’s battery is low, the efficiency mode comes in. When enabled, this feature will reduce the consumption of RAM and CPU and will lessen the power consumption from a device it’s operating on.

Microsoft has detailed about the feature on its blog post, where they say that as soon as the battery of the device in use is low, the Microsoft Edge browser will automatically be set to the new efficiency mode to reduce considerable CPU and RAM consumption that will extend the battery life to let you work more without the worrying for the system getting shut down due to low battery.

Some of the users may not get accustomed to this transition within a matter of time and would look forward to undoing the setting. They can switch back to the normal mode by turning the toggle button off through the Edge browser’s settings.

The initial roll out of the feature came in Microsoft Edge’s version 95 that was unnoticed until being emphasized in Microsoft’s recent blog post.

Microsoft Edge was initially released for Windows 10 and Xbox One in 2015. It then rolled out for Android and iOS in 2017 and for macOS in 2019. Also, it came out for Linux in 2020.

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