Pixel 6 under-display fingerprint scanner seemingly confirmed

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The Google Pixel 5a release is still counting is recent memories, and the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro leaks are continuing. 

XDA Developers Mishaal Rahman spotted that Google’s Senior Vice President for Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer’s tweet, displayed a screenshot likely to receive from the Pixel 6 Pro with the prominent fingerprint icon features.

 Hiroshi Lockheimer posted a screenshot (however, it was deleted later) from likely the Pixel 6 Pro. The mobile phone has Verizon 5G, similar to the sub-6GHz network from the carrier.     

The fingerprint icon implies the 1440 x 3200 resolution of the image having Google-style icons and an in-display scanner and as the device has Android 12 Beta, point to it being the Pixel 6 Pro.

9to5Google pointed that features and Android 12 Beta compatibility are not guaranteed to be unique; it could be the OnePlus 9 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, and Oppo Find X3 Pro, however, scanners have different positions.

Google has posted official imagery for Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, and none of these feature rear fingerprint scanners and as it’s been hinted already that an under-display scanner could be in the Android 12 Beta.  

Even if any of this doesn’t confirm the tech features in upcoming flagships of Google, the combination of observations and leaks make it seem likely.


A Brief Analysis Report –

With the Pixel 5 from last year, Google evaded the trend of providing a premium and expensive flagship experience in the primary lineup rather than settling on some mid-range concessions to decrease the device’s cost seriously.

It was great news as Pixel 5 offered the balance of affordability, simplicity, usability, and power where it counts, battery life, camera, durable design, and regular performance. It results in shaving off the large portion of the luxury additions tending to be as standard.

With two flagships, Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, it seems that Google is getting back to the previous strategy comfort and most of the industry, with two most costly releases instead of similar phones with tweaks of battery size, displays size, camera capabilities, or probably a RAM upgrade.

If new Pixels gets an under-display fingerprint scanner, it will become the aforementioned luxurious addition with the implemented cost.  

Also, the transition to a forward-looking under-show scanner would mean the deficiency of Google’s smart ‘swipe’ capacity that allows you to pull down your notification bar by swiping your finger across the back scanner – shockingly helpful for one-gave activity.

The front-facing under-display scanner would mean the goggle ‘swipe’ ability loss, letting you pull down the notification bar with the finger swipe across the rear scanner, but helpful for one-handed operation.

Some benefits of an under-display scanner are also available on the other side. First, it’s an opportunity for an ultrasonic sensor with additional security using ultrasound technology to build fingerprints’ accurate 3D maps, different from previous optical scanners for the 2D image.