Speedtest app now measures your network’s ability

The network will help to measure stream video, which is for iOS. 


You can now benchmark your video streaming quality as Speedtest’s iOS app can check internet speed video streaming, announced Ookla. We all spend so much of our online time seeing a video of one sort or another, and so Ookla offers users Speedtest to use new video test for making it easy to know the current speed and quality.

The service generally checks the common connection metrics such as maximum upload and download latency and speeds, and the new test aims for the connection metrics specifically on video. It attempts to stream at a variety of resolutions, and then afterwards measures buffering and load times. Adaptive bitrate technology is used in videos that automatically adjusts the quality of the video stream.                     

Ookla clarifies that it has added the new test due to due to how of your time spent on the internet with the streaming video. While its standard speed tests provide and allover thought of your general network bandwidth, Ookla points out that often all the internet service providers focus on video traffic uniquely than other traffic. It means the most ideal approach to benchmark video streaming performance is, at last, to stream video samples since across a network, it can’t be simulated.

For now, only iOS app of service can access the video streaming test; however, Ookla stated that its more platforms would be included soon where the test will be available. During the test, the application streams a video at a large number of resolutions, prior to listing details like your maximum resolution of internet connection, and load time of video streaming. In case you’re as still incapable to stream video despite your web speeds being sufficiently quick to help it, at that point Ookla says the application will connect to Downdetector and will start checking if a service is encountering issues.   

Alongside a slightly redesigned interface, video streaming benchmark from Speedtest can be accessed with the service’s latest iOS update.