Spotify to launch HiFi high-quality-audio subscription

HiFi subscription will release later this year.


Spotify reported on Monday that it would release its new “HiFi” subscription later this year in some of the chosen markets, the latest tier that lets members listen to higher-quality audio music.

It’s expected to be priced high like in the US can cost $20 a month if compared to other high-quality-audio streaming tiers. Spotify explained that HiFi is probably going to consider an add-on to the normal Premium account, in the US currently costs $10 a month, which means in addition to the regular subscription price, Spotify HiFi is probably going to cost around $10. 

Rival Tidal’s high-quality-audio membership at 1411 Kbps offers lossless high-fidelity sound quality and costs $20 per month. Also, it offers immersive audio with Dolby Atmos Music and 360 Reality Audio.

The news came out from the Stream On the event of Spotify, planned to reveal how desperate streaming-music giants are to enhance both fan and creator experiences on its service. The two hour-long virtual events on Monday were expected to carry news both for audio creators using the service as well as Spotify’s listeners and including podcasters and music artists alike.

Spotify said that the music on the upcoming HiFi subscription would be in CD-quality, Spotify Connect-enabled speakers, and lossless sound format. It also added that its working with some other biggest speaker builders from allover the world to support their product with Spotify HiFi via Spotify Connect, its system to allow members to listen on TVs, speakers, and some other devices where Spotify app will be used as a remote.

Later this year, HiFi will start rolling out in select markets, sad Spotify without specifying any regular place.

In Spotify’s event, Billie Eilish promoted the feature. She stated that High-quality audio means more info, and if you don’t use a good sound system, you won’t hear things. She explained that its truly important just because they make music that they wish to be heard in the manner that it was made.

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