Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Hit 18 million

Netflix for video games service is getting more subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass service by Microsoft is attracting people day by day. Previously reports show in September that the “Netflix for video games” service has 15 million subscribers, and now it has gone up with 18 million subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass is a service offered by Microsoft that provides access to more than 100 Xbox games’ growing selection for $9.99 per month.

It’s clear that the company is heavily put resources into its future as Microsoft has been pushing Xbox Game Pass for over a year now. Before the end of last year, Bungie’s Destiny 2 title appeared on Xbox Game Pass, and Control is additionally available on the service for both PC and Xbox.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, on a profit call, also uncovered that more than 100 million monthly users are active on Xbox Live. Nadella also said that in Microsoft’s history, the Xbox Series X and S launch was the best and most successful, with the most devices ever sold in a release month.

ZeniMax Media’s acquisition of Microsoft, the parent company of Fallout and Doom studio Bethesda Softworks, is serious that will support Xbox Game Pass later on. Microsoft additionally seems to be focused on studio acquisitions that would help to reinforce the content available on Game Pass.

Microsoft consistently asks only $1 for the first month of the service and has been boosting Xbox Live Gold clients, which encourages users to switch over to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate adds the company’s new xCloud game streaming feature, and subscribers from here now get a free Disney Plus for a month, alongside other advantages.

Controversially, one recent plan by Microsoft to increase its Xbox Live Gold cost in a move has appeared that was broadly interpreted as a work to drive individuals into Xbox Game Pass. Though, it was so quick that Microsoft reversed its decision, and so the prices of Xbox Live Gold will additionally need an Xbox Live Gold subscription any longer.